Start Your Own Photo Booth Business

We design all of our own photo booths and products here at Camera Cabtastic. We do this simply because we want to offer original and entertaining photo booths to our clients. As a rule, we want our products to be at the unique and exclusive end of the photo booth hire market. Also every time we look to buy in a ready made photo booth, they are never quite right for our needs.


We are a little different to many firms that may offer photo booths for sale. When we design a booth, it is first and foremost for us to hire out to our clients. It has to be right; it has to be something there will be a demand for, it has to be fun, robust and importantly is has to be quick to set up and remove. We build the product for our own successful hire business first.


Our builds fall into two categories. The very niche bespoke one of items like the taxi photo booths, which we build in house at our own workshops. The more technically elaborate and complex products, where we bring in specialist production companies to realise our designs.


For the more specialist units, we have relationships with UK and international manufacturers and international logistics companies.  When we embark on these projects, we will do a small production run. When we say small, we mean small. A run may  just be a handful of units each time, which we will sell to cover testing and development costs.


As we mentioned above, our aim is to be at the niche and exclusive end of the photo booth hire market. So, if we develop a product our hire clients want, flooding the market with units would only risk our hire business. This is best seen with the Magic Mirror booths. Personally, we love the Magic Mirror idea, but now there are just so many out and the hire rates are depressed as a result.  Equally a lot of clients don't want to hire the same product they have seen at the last 4 events they have been invited too.


When it comes to photo booths, a great product is only great all the time few others are offering it.  If it is being produced and sold to operators in the hundreds, then you will struggle to make a living hiring it out.  To give an example the SPL-W above only 6 examples currently exist and they are spread from across the UK. To date we have never lost a booking of our own, because a client sourced the same device elsewhere. You can see from the hire page on this site we operate this product and the hire rate we charge.


If you are interested in any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

LED Selfie Pod SPL-LED

Looking for a unique photo booth, but don't fancy spending hours building and disassembling a 100 piece erector set at each venue?


Why not opt for one of our original selfie pods? 


We have incorporated all we have learned into this product.


The powerful twin flash with adjustable external diffuser avoids those blurred pictures from lively moving guests.


Unlike fixed position cameras in magic mirrors, the main body can be angled up and down, so no having to get parents to hold small children or stand on a stool.


The custom artwork and LED lens surround draws the guests eye to the camera, so no bad shots with guests looking at the screen not the camera.


With both front and rear touch screens the attendant can access the controls easily without going in front of the product.


The removable Gigabyte brix micro PC allows you to easily use your PC and camera on other booths as you grow your business.


The selfie pod can be assembled without the printer stand so e-commerce only bookings or if you want the printer located elsewhere.



Our Turnkey set up includes the following:

  • White Unit
  • Canon 200D DSLR Camera
  • Memory Card
  • Gigabyte Brix Micro PC
  • Twin TTL Mains Powered Studio Flashes
  • RGB front & Rear Remote Controlled LED Surrounds
  • Booth Illuminations Camera Lens LED Ring
  • Dimmable Ring LED Front Subject Light - Perfect For Video Booth Use.
  • Front & Rear 1920 X 1080 Touch Screens
  • Breeze Remote Pro Software
  • Our Custom User Interface Artwork 
  • Video Diary Function,
  • Green Screen Functionality
  • Email, Twitter & SMS Image Download Functions
  • Built in WIFI 
  • Robust Steel & Aluminium Construction, 
  • Hiti P525l Dye Sub printer
  • Flight Case for Safe & easy Transport

Just add a props box and a backdrop if desired, to complete your photo booth service offering.


Only £6995 (with photo printer, printer enclosure, camera, software & flight case/trolley).  


Turnkey products are manufactured to order with a 6 week lead time. Some custom alterations can be accommodated but may be subject to an additional cost.  

Basic Selfie Pod Shell & Flight Case Offer.


If you already have your own equipment or wish to build the booth to a more personalised specification, shell only can be the better option.

  • White Unit
  • Twin TTL Mains Powered Studio Flashes
  • Dimmable Ring LED Front Subject Light - Perfect For Video Booth Use.
  • Lens Surround Plate Set For Canon 18-55mm Kit Lens
  • RGB front & Rear Remote Controlled LED Surrounds
  • Front & Rear 1920 X 1080 Touch Screens
  • Robust Steel & Aluminium Construction, 
  • Flight Case for Safe & Easy Transport

Available for immediate delivery to anywhere in mainland UK you can have this photo booth for Only £2995