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Party Photo Booth Hire - Be The Best Party Planner Ever!


Are you the one that has been left with the job of planning the party of the century or this years Christmas party? Do you have a million things to arrange and everyone's expecting a spectacular night or amazing day for the children? Well we can't help with the hors d'oeuvres, but we can certainly help with making it memorable. We can provide you with a truly original photo booth as a centre piece for your party or Christmas party.


Birthday Party - Christmas Party - Any Party


Birthday party, office party - Christmas party even a launch party, we can provide that something unexpected and original, a centre piece and a talking point for the night. Most of all we can give anyone a fun memory of the night, even if their other memories are a little sketchy the next day!


   Guests Go Bananas For Our Party Photo Booths!

Photo Booth - Get Top Marks For Your School Prom Planning

Promtastic Photo Booth!


Whatever our cousins state side can do, we can do better! Across the land prom dresses, tiaras and heels are all being chosen by the girls. Sharp suits and the flashest transportation are being chosen by the boys. Perhaps the odd tan in a bottle discreetly purchased by both as well? Well who can blame us, its not like we get the Florida sun in Fulham! Yes the UK's school prom season is gearing up for its biggest year yet.


Bigger - Better - Britisher!


Where once an end-of-school formal dance or ball might have been held, or even a disco in the school hall, now the school prom has become a major event, to celebrate the end of exam season or even, as the trend gets younger, the end of primary school education. Now the only challenge each year, is to be bigger and better than the years that went before.


Where state side, the big and brash is the beautiful, here in the UK we have just that little more history to call upon for our inspiration. If you are planning a school prom and want to stand out from the crowd? If you want to place a British trade mark on an American export and show our friends stateside how to party, we have just the thing - Camera Cabtastic - School Prom Photo Booth.


Instant Memories


School Proms mark the end of an era, many attendees will soon part company to travel different roads. The memory of school friends and the night, are as precious as the fun to be had. What better way to remember your prom, than some crazy pictures, with you best friends in a prom photo booth? What better way to stamp a unique English mark on the event, than a prom photo booth and a classic "Black Cab" London Taxi? What better way to signify the journeys to be made through life, than the carriage of choice for all in London's party crowd, the trusty Black Cab.


All In The Back Of A London Taxi!


We do quirky, we do quality, we do fun and we do photo's and most on all we do it in the back of a London Taxi. With a helpful prom photo booth attendants on hand, to ensure the only thing you need worry about, is what prop to wear and what pose to strike.


Can You Also Drive Us To The Prom?


As much as we would very much like to, Cabtastic itself can only transport wedding guests. 


Please be very wary of operators claiming to be able to provide transportation to a school proms. You should only use, either licensed taxis or those exempt from licensing, by virtue of being a limousines with 9 or more seats.


Many of the cars you may like to use, are wedding cars. Many of the companies that provide these cars, claim to also be able to provide vehicles for proms. Unfortunately most are unaware, they are not licensed nor insured to provide such a service. There are also a number that do know they are not insured and still choose to do it anyway!  For a wedding car to carry passengers to a school prom, immediately invalidates their insurance. Its a very frustrating law for our industry, but one we have to abide by.


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