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Audio Guestbook Hire

Premium Guestbook Hire - Prices from £195 (Photo Booth Upgrade) & £295 (Stand Alone Hire).

Amelia - Audio Guestbook


This Guestbook is the perfect accompaniment to our Vintage Photo Booth. The 1935 era GPO 232 handset, is encased a walnut lined, aged aluminium aviator trunk. 

As well as the standard laser etched instructions for guests, a  Leave a Message Sign lights up the show.




The Classic - Audio Guestbook


The Classic is a 1970 era GPO 746 handset.

This handset is set in an Oak lined metal trunk. The white trunk itself is finished with rose gold coloured metal work.

Letting every one know its open for business and illuminating everything, a bright pink and white neon sign. 

Bluey - Audio Guestbook


 Bluey is a baby pink 1970 era GPO 746 handset. This handset is set in an Oak lined metal trunk. The pink of the handset contrasted with the baby blue of the trunk.  

The trunk itself is finished with rose gold coloured metal work.

Letting every one know its open for business and illuminating everything 

a bright pink and white neon sign.  

Phileas - Audio Guestbook 


Phileas is the globe trotting guestbook!

This Edwardian style handset, is wrapped up in a Italo Zaffoli style globe cabinet.

An illuminated renaissance design lines its inner globe lid, as a backdrop for the handset.

The cabinet itself is finished in antique white and the base is backlit in ocean blue. 

Phone Only Mail Order Hire Service £225

Phone Only - Audio Guestbook Hire


We have our retro GPO 746 handset in red, pink, blue and white available on a handset only hire. This Guestbook service includes the handset and instruction card for both hirer and  guests. Ideal for our clients a little further away from our coverage area in Sussex & Surrey or  who need a mail order hire service. Phone only is also  perfect for clients who just need the phone itself. Perhaps to add that something extra to their existing venue dressing. 

How The Audio Guestbook Service Works

  1. Choose your desired Audio Guest Book model
  2. Complete our online form
  3. We confirm availability and provide a booking form and formal quote
  4. Send us your greeting message (as simple as a WhatsApp voice note message).
  5. We load you greeting onto the device.
  6. Depending on the services chosen, we either deliver, post or you collect the device from us.
  7. Your guests have an amazing time leaving you personal messages.
  8. You return the device after your event or if you have chose to upgrade a photo booth booking, we collect the guestbook when we finish.
  9. All of the messages are sent out on a USB key the following week.